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This is an important notice for Gmail users of MailWasher.

Apologies if you've received this email and you don't have a Gmail email account in MailWasher, but we have no way of knowing if you do or don't.

From 15 May 2019, GMail has decided that all security and anti-spam apps can no longer use their existing system for adding email accounts in to applications (where the window pops up and asks you to sign in to Gmail). Any Gmail users who already had email accounts setup in MailWasher will find their email account no longer works (Sorry, it's beyond our control!), but it's an easy fix to get it working again.

These 2 options are below. The 1st option is the easiest.

But first, make sure you're using the latest version of MailWasher - 7.12.5 in MailWasher>>Help>>About). Otherwise download it here:

You have 2 options for adding your Gmail account back in to MailWasher. The 1st option is probably the easiest.

1: Turn on 'Less secure apps'
Go to your Google Account Security page and enable Allow less secure apps.
It's not really less secure - it's just the way people have always added their passwords to email programs.

Your Gmail account should be working again in MailWasher.

GSuite users will need to use a different method.

Or, 2: Create an app specific password for Gmail in MailWasher.
Please see the GMail App password help about how to set this up.

It shows you that you'll need to turn on 2-step verification for your Gmail account and then you can create a unique app password for your GMail account in MailWasher. After you have created your unique Gmail password for MailWasher, then use that app password in MailWasher.

Note 1:
For users who are not on the latest version of MailWasher, you'll still need to select one of the methods above, but also go to MailWasher>>Settings>>Accounts>>'Your Gmail account'>>Incoming tab>>Advanced, and uncheck the box marked 'Use OAUTH'.
Yes, it's a bizarre decision by Gmail to disallow security related apps to use their easier way to add an email account to other software.

Note 2:
How Gmail passwords work.

Less Secure apps.
When you input your password, it's stored on your PC by the application. This is the way most email systems work. MailWasher only ever stores your password on your PC, and it's encrypted.

Unique App Password
You get a new password for each application so it won't work anywhere else except that application.

OAUTH (this is the method that Gmail is now preventing MailWasher from using)
You input your password in to the MailWasher app, then Gmail gives back a token to the app to allow you to access your email. In this way, your password is not stored on your computer.
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The Team at Firetrust