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Enjoy this list of tips to get the
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2. Show HTML
3. POP3 or IMAP?
4. Change How MailWasher Looks
5. Spam Tool Evaluations
6. Search Inbox and Recycle Bin
7. Blacklist Wildcards
8. Lost your license key?

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Have you seen the Show email info link on the preview pane? It breaks down all the complicated parts of an email and is really useful if you suspect an email might not be genuine.

Image of MailWashers Improved Spam Tools

So, here's what you can see.
  • FROM - The senders name and email address.
  • REPLY TO - The name and email the sender designated as the email address to be replied to.
  • RETURN PATH - where the email goes back to if it can't be delivered.
  • ORIGINAL TO - Who the email was originaly sent to.
  • DELIVERED TO - The email address where the email ended up.
  • SUBJECT - the subject of the email.
  • EMAIL CLIENT - What email program the sender used.
  • FROM DOMAIN - The last part of an email address it's been sent from eg.
  • RECEIVED DOMAINS - the last part of the email address it's delivered to eg.
  • CHARACTER SET - can be related to the language used by the sender.
  • LINKS - the web links used in the email.
  • ATTACHMENTS - the attachment names in the email.
  • DOMAINS - the domains used in the email.
Using all this info, makes it easier to determine if an email is genuine. Usually spam emails will have a fake FROM or RETURN PATH and the EMAIL CLIENT will be a common email program like Outlook Express. Additionally, links in the email body will often direct to a website that has nothing to do with the email.

Scrutinizing suspect emails via this screen is worthwhile because there are many emails floating around now with those viruses that encrypt your harddrive and them demand you pay $$ to decrypt it (Ransom ware)

MailWasher by default, always shows emails in plain text. This has always been a security consideration as nothing dodgy can run if it's just plain text.

Many (mostly marketing) emails do not display well in plain text, so MailWasher now has an option to show HTML emails so you can see how those marketing emails were intended to look!

Image of MailWashers Improved Spam Tools

When you click the Show HTML button, you'll be shown the basic HTML, but if you want to load all the images as well, you can check the box Show remote content.

Hint: If you have any emails on your Friends List, then you can make those Friends emails always appear in HTML by going to Settings >> Display >> Inbox and uncheck the box Disable sticky HTML preview.

Regarding ways to download your email from the internet to your computer, the two main ways are POP3 and IMAP. In the past POP3 has had about 95% popularity. Now IMAP is being used more and more due to it's usefulness of syncing all your emails across many devices.
Lets take a look at these two protocols:

POP3: With POP3, when emails are downloaded to your computer, then they're usually deleted off the server.
IMAP: Using IMAP, emails are always left on the server, so when you download your emails, those emails are also available to download on your other PC's/devices.

IMAP is useful in other ways too:
  • You can use it as a backup of your email because those emails are always at your ISP's datacentre, so it's up to them to safeguard your email.
  • You can make extra folders on the IMAP server and those will be available everywhere you are with your devices.
  • It's faster.
  • Any changes to your emails (read/unread, flagged, deleted) are sync'd across all devices.
It's easy to switch to IMAP in MailWasher. First, make sure your email provider supports IMAP and ask for the settings from them.

Image of IMAP Support

Go to MailWasher >> Settings >> Accounts >> Incoming, and change the Server Type from POP3 to IMAP. In many cases MailWasher will automatically know and change the settings. If it doesn't change these then you'll need to change the settings manually.

If you're already using IMAP in your email program, an easier way is just to press the Import Accounts button in MailWasher >> Settings >> Accounts.

In MailWasher, you have the option of only downloading the un-read emails so you only see the latest un-read email (the default action), or downloading all the emails. Change this in MailWasher >> Settings >> Accounts >> Incoming>>Advanced

In the next version of MailWasher Pro, we're adding these extras for IMAP.
  • Deleted emails can be sent to the recycle bin and a deleted emails IMAP folder.
  • You can download only the past 7 days, 14 days, month, 3 or 6 months emails.

Did you know you can change the way MailWasher appears?

Screenshot of customizable interface options.

Using the Display Options button on the Inbox screen, you can change the size of the fonts, the buttons along the top and the colors and brightness of the mail grid. You can also change the layout so that the preview pane is on the right, the buttons on the left and so on. Experiment a bit and see if it's an improvement for you.

Additionally, if you go to MailWasher >> Settings >> Display, there's settings there for the border color and how you want specific screens to look and behave.
Did you want to know why that good email is being marked as spam?

Click on the Show Evaluation link on the Preview Pane. A panel will slide out and tell you why the email was evaluated accordingly so you can take action to rememdy it.

Screenshot of customizable interface options.

A quick way to remedy a wrong evaluation is to right click on the email in MailWasher, and hey preto, you get a useful menu like so.

Screenshot of customizable interface options.

Most of the time you'll want to Mark as spam or Mark as good and so MailWasher will learn the next time a similar email arrives.
Note the letters on the right, these are keyboard shortcuts. So just click the + key on your keyboard to add someone to your Friends List for example.
Everyone knows how to search right? The search function in MailWasher is really useful to finding and deleting many similar emails at once - especially if you have a messy inbox which needs tidying up.
Screenshot of customizable interface options.
Type something in to the search box of MailWasher and you'll find all those emails are quickly shown. Click the Trash Bin icon at the top of the Delete column and all those emails will be marked for delete.

Another useful way of selecting emails is to:
  • Press CTRL + Click each email with your mouse. This will let you select many different emails which are not all grouped together.
  • Press SHIFT + Click the first email you want to select and then the last email you want to select, and this will select all those emails inbetween.

  • Then you can right click on your selection and Mark for delete or some other action.
Did you know you can auto-delete any emails on your blacklist? You can take it further by matching more of those troublsome spam senders by using wildcards.

In MailWasher you can auto-delete any email if the senders email address is on your blacklist.
Go to MailWasher >> Settings >> Spam Tools >> Blacklist >> Options, and set to Auto-Delete.

Screenshot of customizable interface options.

The blacklist supports the use of wildcards. These are the asterisk symbol * (used to represent any word or numbers) and the question mark ? (used to represent a single letter or number)
So, it means you can add a single entry to your blacklist like *@hotmail.* to match email addresses like,, etc
Screenshot of customizable interface options.
You can also use wildcards in the Friends List as well, so you can add a single entry to instantly make everyone from a particular company come through as a Friend.
Probably one of the more common requests we get - did you know you can retrieve it yourself?

Click to access your account/license keys.

We hope you've found these tips useful!

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All the best!

Nick Bolton
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